Our Board

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Sara Burden

Founder & President

Children and youth have always held a special place in my heart I grew up in a home with an in-home daycare and started working at daycare at 14 years old. I was a private nanny and always enjoyed babysitting and watching children. I always knew I would find a way to help children and make their lives better. I have five children all of which have at least one biological parent who suffers from addiction. This is one of the many reasons this mission is a personal to me. I want my children to know I worked hard to help the next generation of recovering families recover!

Chris Pedersen

Board of Directors,
Vice President

Being a father in long term recovery, Chris has seen first- hand the need for support services of parents in recovery. Chris quickly realized he was very fortunate to have family support so that his son didn’t need to attend 12 step meetings with him. He also saw his friends struggle with not having other options but bring their kids with them. Chris never judged anyone who had to do so but when the mission and vision of Evolve KidsCare started to form he knew it had to become true. Chris said, “so excited to be able to give the struggling mothers and fathers a break with their intense recovery efforts”.

Jessie Costley

Board of Directors,

With over 15 years of nonprofit sector experience, her passion is working with people to solve organizational challenges and social issues. She said, “I thrive on understanding the whole system and finding creative and engaging solutions using relationship-oriented and strength-based approaches to create mission-driven positive environments for all”. Jessie became interested in substance abuse recovery when the disease “hit home” and loss her daughter to an overdose in 2021. She is now on the journey of healing and recovery.

Fun Fact: Loves quarter-mile drag racing!

Favorite Quote: Sometimes unspoken words speak the loudest ~Anonymous~

Jackie Gatton

Board of Directors, Treasurer

Jackie is an accomplished professional with over 30 years of accounting experience and has worked for organizations of all sizes. She is currently expanding her education and working towards a paralegal degree. Jackie has a passion for children and is an avid pet companion.

Fun Fact: Jackie grew up in Scotland and loved working on the farm picking potatoes and strawberries

Stephanie Evans

Board Member

Stephanie loves kids and helping others. She has operated her own in-home daycare, holds a degree in early childhood, raised four daughters, homeschooled two of her children and is now a blessed Grammy of eight grandkids! Stephanie has been helping others navigate homelessness, single parenting, people needing food, and addiction for over 15 years in Anne Arundel County. Stephanie has been impacted personally by the loss of her daughter’s father to alcohol and drugs in 2004, her grandson’s father, and other family members struggling with addiction and mental illness. Stephanie said, “I am so excited to be a part of this board that truly cares about kids; they are our future”!

Fun Fact – Stephanie heads to her happy place at the beach in Fenwick, DE, every weekend from April to October, so if you want to see her or need her, that is where she is!

Sahar Albaugh

Board Member

Sahar has worked several years in different facets of the Human Services field. She currently serves as the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Maryland Wellness and Recovery which is an outpatient behavioral health facility in North Bethesda, MD. She has worked many years in the field of substance abuse and recovery, and through her service has helped many individuals to continue in their journey of sobriety. She has an innate ability to connect with others effortlessly, and a strong passion to serve and assist those in the community and in need. Aside from her behavioral health experience, Sahar spent 17 years working in Childcare and Early Childhood Education. Sahar has served as executive director of multiple childcare centers, assisted new centers through all stages of licensing, center launches and program development.

Fun Fact: Sahar is fluent in Farsi and has three dogs that are fluent too!

Pamela Fairbrother

Board Member

Pamela obtained her degree and became a substance abuse counselor in 2015, a field she had become interested in following her sister’s passing from an overdose in 2006. In the last seven years, Pamela has worked hand in hand with people battling substance use and sees the barriers and challenges they face in their recovery. Pamela states “I am honored to be a part of the board and I am excited parents will have a safe place to take their children while they attend their 12 step program meetings.” Pamela is passionate about helping others and knows how much a program like this will benefit parents in recovery and their children.

As a non-profit corporation, Evolve KidsCare is governed under bylaws established by policy-setting and volunteer Board of Directors.
The Board meets on the second Monday of each month.  Board meeting minutes are available to the public by request.