What our clients say?

Mother of 4 in recover— it’s extremely difficult to focus in 12 step meetings when you bring children. There are also topics discussed that may be inappropriate for young children to hear. In order to be able to receive the message fully, it would be best to not have your children with you. Childcare is crucial for newcomers and people with substantial time in recovery as we never “graduate” from the program. Meetings are a crucial part of recovery forever.
Kaitlyn Arnold
Finding care for my children has been the number one barrier in allowing me to navigate my recovery to its full potential. I know that if I had the ability to eliminate that barrier, I would be able to participate in my recovery fully, and in turn, my children will receive the best version of me.
Brooke Foster
Recovering mother of 2 beautiful children Lukas and Zoey

Although having my children fills me with such gratitude. Having to bring them with me to meetings or finding care during can be a struggle. Since going to meetings is one the very reasons I have my children today. Evolve KidsCare will allow me to attend more meetings and know my kids are safe and having fun!” Fawn Sudano 

Fawn Sudano

A mother in recovery who got her kids back by the work she put into her recovery.

Honestly, when I think about the difference that EvolveKidsCare would make in my family’s life, it’s almost crazy to think that something like this hasn’t existed before. As someone in recovery and as a new father with an 11-month-old daughter and a son on the way early next year, my fiancé and I really do need that extra support to be able to go to meetings without the kids. When our daughter was a newborn, it was actually a lot easier, but at the age she’s at now it’s just not really appropriate to bring her into our 12 step meetings, it’s not fair to her or the other people in the meeting to expect her to be quiet and not disruptive. With both of our parents living all the way on the eastern shore, we don’t have that day to day support for someone to watch the kids so that we can go to a meeting and focus on our recovery – which really is the foundation of being the best parents we can be. When I think of it like that, the impact EvolveKidsCare will have on any family with a parent in recovery is immeasurable.

Luke Kassa